About Us

DoubleHead is a new company specializing in supplying reclaimed lumber to builders, contractors, developers and home owners. In addition to the lumber, we will also be offering reclaimed furniture and fixtures in the near future.

Tulelake Cold Storage Building

We are currently deconstructing The Tulelake Cold Storage building, which was a window-less, climate controlled environment that not only preserved the produce it contained, but it protected the Douglas fir which the building was constructed with as well. As this beautiful wood is carefully removed, it is de-nailed and palletized for transport. Whether you need a container load for a commercial building or just a small amount for a household project, we can accommodate your needs! Our wood is perfect for wainscoting, decorative walls, ceilings, table tops, furniture and so much more. It’s ideal when striving to preserve older buildings, but adds character and interest in newer construction.

Preserved Boards

In addition to the lumber we have available, we’ll be making simple furniture items with the wood and fixtures that were in the building. The results will be fun projects that can be purchased as is, or we can assist you with the lumber and a simple plan to do it yourself!

DoubleHead is family owned and operated in the Klamath Falls area, but we can ship to any place within the continental US, and we will work with you to arrange for shipments outside the states as well. We would love to provide you with our quality wood and invite you to contact us with any questions.